Bulk Nitrile Gloves


Nitrile gloves have recently become a staple of outdoor gear as the CDC recommends protecting your hands from unknown bacteria on public surfaces. Nitrile gloves remain the most plausible type of gloves to be used for everyday tasks in public as they provide the security and protection needed for your hands, are disposable, and are fairly flexible and comfortable.

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Read more below to better understand the importance of nitrile gloves and why they have become such a talking point in recent history. 

Are Nitrile Gloves Effective In Combating The Spread Of COVID-19?

When out in public, it’s important to consider the many surfaces that your hands voluntarily or involuntarily come into contact with throughout the day. The same surfaces that hundreds, if not thousands, of others have touched that very same day. Doorknobs, shopping carts, or even the money in your wallet all now pose serious risk to your health. And not just to you, but to loved ones around you. With the coronavirus remaining active on surfaces for hours, it’s critically important to have proper protection throughout your body so that you don’t come into direct contact with the virus. Nitrile gloves have been a proven solution to this problem

In fact the CDC recommends using gloves when coming into contact with any buttons used by the general public:

“Use gloves or disinfecting wipes on handles or buttons before you touch them.”

Nitrile gloves have been, and remain, an effective solution in disposable form. But there are certain precautions that must be taken in order to utilize gloves safely. The first, and most important rule for proper use of gloves, is to never feel that because you are wearing gloves, you are suddenly immune. 

Proper Use Of Nitrile Gloves

One of the most troubling aspects that has come with wearing gloves is that users suddenly feel safe, which can end up being more harmful. You cannot touch your mouth or face with gloves on. You cannot touch your cell phone with gloves on. You cannot touch your groceries or money with gloves on. Your gloves are only protecting your hands, so proper safety measures still need to be applied. 

This means that when you have completed your task you must be able to remove the gloves without putting your hands in contact with them. You have to pull them off effectively and it is always recommended to wash your hands immediately after removing your gloves. Additionally, if you touched anything with your gloves, make sure to disinfect it before using it again.

Nitrile Gloves For Medical Professionals

While the general public may not have as large of a benefit from nitrile gloves as once expected, one use case remains paramount, and that is for the men and women in the health care sector who are facing this virus every day. Medical facilities across the country are desperately seeking a resupply of their nitrile gloves for their doctors and nurses to use when treating COVID patients. 

Global Genesis is here to help. We have a proven track record with the medical community and are no strangers to providing bulk nitrile gloves to medical facilities. Our products are rigorously quality assured before they leave the facilities. Additionally we are still able to fulfill bulk orders and have fast shipping at a competitive price. 

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