Wholesale Surgical Gowns


At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals across the United States began rushing suppliers with orders for surgical gowns as a form of protection from the virus. Medical professions have been instructed to wear surgical gowns as a means to further protect themselves, though it is not as critical of a device as an N95 respirator. As the pandemic grows, finding bulk providers of surgical gowns has become more and more difficult. Still, Global Genesis is able to fulfill bulk orders of surgical gowns reliably and quickly.

One of the major challenges medical professionals have faced is a lack of quality control from providers. In fact, one of the largest set backs was the recall of over 9 million surgical gowns. The reason for the recall was simple; the provider forgot to properly sterilize the batch before shipping them out. This led to a ripple effect, as 9 million gowns had to be replaced while fear struck buyers and demand for the product continued to grow. Today, we see hospitals with their doctors and nurses working with trash bags over them as substitutes for the missing surgical gowns.


We at Global Genesis are ready to provide American medical workers with surgical gowns and other PPE. We have the supply chain that is desperately needed at this time and we also have a proven track record of providing the highest quality goods available at the cheapest price. We are ready to help keep our American health care workers safe as we continue to battle COVID-19. We offer:

  • Reliable Products
  • Quality Control
  • Fast Shipping

The Medical Industry’s Need For Surgical Gowns

While masks and respirators have been at the forefront of public safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, surgical gowns have been a major concern within the medical community. Surgical gowns are critically important for doctors and nurses in the field as they protect them from getting the droplets on their clothing and carrying the infection with them. 

The current demand for personal protective equipment has increased so much that the FDA has even changed their policy to allow for lesser quality surgical gowns to be used by professionals as long as they don’t create unnecessary risk for patients 

“FDA recognizes the urgent need during the COVID-19 public health emergency for moderate-to-high barrier protection surgical gowns due to increased use and demand which has led to shortages in their availability. To ensure the availability of these types of surgical gowns during the COVID-19 public health emergency, FDA does not intend to object to the distribution and use of ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 3 moderate-to-high barrier protection surgical gowns that do not comply with the following regulatory requirements, where such surgical gowns do not create an undue risk in light of the public health emergency”

Surgical Gowns For The General Public

At this time Global Genesis cannot recommend the purchase and use of surgical gowns for the general public, as priority must be given to our medical professionals who are on the front lines every day helping the sick and needy. With that being said, if you are a retailer for surgical gowns, please contact us immediately so that we can help provide you with wholesale surgical gowns for your clients and medical facilities who are in need. 


The faster we can initiate the process and take your order, the quicker we are able to get you the supplies that you need. We are a premier provider of wholesale surgical gowns that have successfully filled hundreds of orders. We have premium quality control for all of our orders and we also provide fast shipping with competitive pricing. Contact Global Genesis to place an order today!