Bulk Face Masks

During these unprecedented and uncertain times, it is important that you are aware of why you should be wearing proper protection from COVID-19, as well as how to locate wholesale face masks from a reputable vendor. As more and more people are trying to compete with each other in order to either find and buy—or market and sell—bulk face masks, there is understandably a lot of confusion about an appropriate price to pay, the legitimacy of your order, and more. Regardless of all this uncertainty, the fact remains that you, your family, friends, or employees deserve a high-quality face mask to protect yourself and those you love from Coronavirus.

Contact us now in order to secure a bulk face mask order in the United States, and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible in order to discuss logistics, whether or not you have ongoing supply needs, and dispatch your order as quickly as possible. If you are looking for a reliable wholesale face mask supplier, look no further than Global Genesis.

How To Find a Reliable Wholesale Face Mask Supplier During Coronavirus

One of the major issues that people have been running into is the problem of locating consistent, high quality, and reliable sources of bulk face masks to protect against COVID-19. In the initial days and weeks of the outbreak in the United States, many suppliers chose to engage in predatory pricing that led to many sellers being kicked off of the Amazon sales platform, individual face mask hoarders being raided by federal agencies, or falling prey to scam websites that fail to follow through on their promises.

Instead of dealing with third-party vendors or risky sites claiming to have the protective devices that you are looking for, you can work directly with Global Genesis in order to take advantage of our reliable, secure ordering, consistent supplies, and fast shipping within the United States. We understand how important safety is for you during these uncertain times, and we will be proud to be your supplier for high-quality wholesale face masks that give you peace of mind as you navigate the Coronavirus pandemic as safely as possible.

Why Are Face Masks So Important For COVID-19 Protection?

There are many conflicting claims about the effectiveness of face masks to prevent transmission of COVID-19, and a lot of dangerous information on the internet stating that wearing a face mask is not an appropriate protective measure. However, the science shows that wearing a face mask is extremely important for those who want to do their part in curbing the spread of this virus, both by protecting themselves from exposure and also reducing the risk of infecting others.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has urged all Americans to wear cloth face masks in public, as their preliminary research into the spread of COVID-19 has indicated that a covering is one of the best ways to help reduce transmission of the virus when in public. However, the CDC is also urging citizens not to wear face masks intended for hospital workers – at least until the supply chain is able to recover and begin delivering a steady output of N95 respirators and other medical-grade face masks to medical professionals who are exposed to the virus at significantly higher rates than the general public.

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